Biologists have found a way to stay slim eating fast food

Biologists have found a way to stay slim eating fast food

MOSCOW, 5 may — RIA Novosti. The lack of in the body hormone visfatin makes it impossible to fat increase, that is the conclusion of biologists from the University of Copenhagen, about their work says MedicalXpress.

The study used mice, which adipose tissue was previously removed visfatin. They were compared to a control group of rodents.

During the experiments, mice received a first balanced diet and then the diet, which, according to scientists, corresponds to the constant consumption of pizza and burgers.

After the comparison of mice from the two groups of physicians established that in rodents the control group after consumption of fatty foods significantly increased the weight. At the same time deprived visfatin rodents, even eating “fast food”, showed the growth of fat tissue. Besides, their body is better to control the level of glucose in the blood.

The authors hope that their work will help in the fight against obesity and metabolic disorders. But researchers note that the simple removal of visfatin from the human body can result in serious health problems.

Earlier, American scientists came to the conclusion that the freezing of the vagus nerve in the human body helps reduce appetite and helps with weight loss. Three months after the operation the weight of the patients decreased by 3.6%, and rates of excess body mass index by 14%, the study says.