Scientists: mobile phones may create the appearance of brain tumors

Scientists: mobile phones may create the appearance of brain tumors

Mobile phones can contribute to the formation of malignant brain tumors, suggest researchers. According to recent figures, with the increasing use of mobile phones has increased and the number of cases of glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor. However, the researchers do not claim that there is a link for sure — according to them, it could be just a coincidence.

A new study by British scientists has again forced experts to think about the security of mobile phones — it turned out that over the past 20 years has doubled the number of cases of the formation of glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive brain tumor. Exact reasons for this are not yet established, but the authors suspect that the appearance of the tumors may be involved in mobile phones. The study was published in the journal of Environmental and Public Health.

The researchers analyzed almost 80 thousand cases of malignant brain tumours in the UK for 20 years. They found that, in 1995 from glioblastoma suffered 1,250 people, by 2015, the annual incidence rose to almost 3,000 people.

If you have previously from this tumor suffered 2.4 people out of 100 thousand, now it threatens to have 5 people out of 100 thousand

As explained by the authors, earlier the increase in the number of cases of glioblastoma have remained undetected due to the reduction in the number of other brain tumors.

Tumor localization in the anterior part of the temporal lobe, according to the researchers, “raises a suspicion that mobile and cordless phones can contribute to the spread of tumors.”

The work itself is not dedicated to cellular phones, it deals specifically with tumors. But phones seem to be the most likely cause of their appearance.Alasdair Fylepsizadi author of the study

However, he adds, glioblastoma is very rare and, even if mobile phone use increases the risk of their education, a serious cause for concern.

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“The risk that you will develop a brain tumor, very low, says Phillips. — I would advise to use a headset during extended calls, but should not panic”.

“Our results illustrate the need for a more careful study of the mechanisms underlying this trend. You can’t ignore the risk factors and to focus only on the treatment,” says Professor Denis Henshaw, one of the authors of the work.