Aviaekspert: “even If it was a flock of birds, there are a few seconds to eject”

Aviaekspert: “even If it was a flock of birds, there are a few seconds to eject”

In Syria, crashed Russian fighter su-30CM. The preliminary cause of the crash — getting the bird into a jet engine.

The Ministry of defence believe that the cause of the crash of the Russian su-30CM above the sea in Syria could become caught in the engine of a bird. Both pilots were killed.

Why did the crew not ejected, it is not yet clear, says aviaekspert, Ph. D., former designer of OKB “Dry” Vadim Lukashevich:

“It happens, but you have to understand that if, say, a bird the size of a Sparrow, the engine can “chew”. If, for example, the pigeon and larger, it is the loss of engine surging, the destruction of the compressor, the engine fails. The plane’s two engines. If he flew, then, most likely, have Overdrive”.

Therefore, in order to observed this pattern that we see, there had to be two large birds that need to get right in both engines, then the plane is already beginning to fall.

“Second: even if, say, Gus or some kind of cormorant hits the lamp, in any case, the pilots sit one behind the other in tandem, that is, the second pilot remains. It is not clear why none of the pilots ejected and not tried to do it. Catapult on these types of aircraft one of the most advanced in the world, if not the most perfect”.

This chair series K-36, completely Autonomous unit, and if before take-off did not forget to pull the pin, it is the most reliable unit in the airplane, which operates completely independently. It is so designed that if the plane, for example, in the air hit, generally just a piece of iron where nothing works, the pilot pulls the handle between his legs, and chair catapulted. Why this happened is unclear. This fraction of a second, but the pilot still had the understanding that the plane is already falling.

“Can you give an example of a very textbook when Anatoly Kvochur ejected at very low altitude in Le Bourget during a demonstration flight of the MiG-29. There was a very small height, he caught a bird in one of the engines, but as it showed the flight at minimum speed, the aircraft did a wing-over and just missed by few seconds to the second remaining engine went to the Rev. So the plane was going down, but the pilot still almost ejected a few hundred meters from the ground, and parallel to the ground and catapult it saved”.

Here they were on the rise, consequently, the engine was either on the vehicle or on the flight mode. If the plane were in a flock of birds, she scored both engines — still pilots have a few seconds to eject. Vadim Lukosevicienes

Earlier Soviet and Russian military pilot, former leader of the aerobatic team “Swifts” Nicholas Woodpecker in the comment Business FM compared the collision of a fighter with a bird with a shell hit. “Obviously, that situation is not simple, since pilots are unable to use the recovery system, that is, to eject, it shows the shortage of time, he said. — In contact with birds in the engine the consequences can be very serious: there is destruction of the turbine, possibly, breakage of the turbine blades, it can cause a fire. The situation may be very short.”

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