The Kremlin has denied the failure of Putin’s motorcade on inauguration day

The Kremlin has denied the failure of Putin’s motorcade on inauguration day

The scenario of the inauguration of the President of Russia has not changed significantly compared to previous ceremonies, at the present time the preparation of this event has entered the final stage, said press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

His words Thursday, may 3, leads TASS.

“Many are now writing about the fact that it would not move [of the President], but here we must not forget that the last time the President moved from government House to the Kremlin,” — said Peskov, noting that in 2012, Vladimir Putin took over as President from the position of Prime Minister.

He explained that currently the need in this move no. “Somehow, of course, the tuple will be used, because it moves from the working body in the Grand Kremlin Palace, but how will it be ceremonial, all these details are now being finalized,” added the spokesman.

Peskov also didn’t exclude the possibility of using during the ceremony of the new car of the line machines, developed in the framework of the project “Cortege”.

Earlier Thursday it was reported that Putin’s inauguration may take place without the traditional motorcade in Moscow.

In late April, RIA Novosti with reference to its sources reported that the new limo “Tuple” will be used on the day of inauguration of the President.

The inauguration of the President on may 7. At the ceremony in 2012, Putin came to Mercedes Pullman, on the same car the head of state arrived at the ceremony of inauguration in 2004 and 2000.

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