In prison there are no atheists: why get married in the Butyrka

In prison there are no atheists: why get married in the Butyrka

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti, Alexei Mikheev. On Easter day the Patriarch visited the Butyrka remand prison in violation of all the rules has allowed one of the prisoners to marry. How to spend 12 years behind barbed wire and wait for your family happiness in the material RIA Novosti.

Twenty-three-storey buildings, 434 chambers, of which 101 — common areas measuring approximately six by twelve metres. The rest is even less. Today in the detention center are about two and a half thousand people. Here waiting to be sent to the colony a convict for drug trafficking Yaroslav. Recently in the prison Church of the Intercession of the blessed virgin Mary he married a girl that hopes to have a life together.

“I know them more than a year. He is from Tomsk. A good student, enrolled at one University, then realized it was the wrong choice — and moved to another. Married his childhood friend, but somehow they did not work out: he went to Moscow, she didn’t want to unilaterally divorced. He was very hard. And he found solace in drugs. It happens,” says a senior priest of the intercession Church, Archpriest Konstantin Kobelev.

Father Konstantin graduated from the biological faculty of Moscow state University. In 1979 was in a plane crash. And even before that, having experienced severe emotional breakdown, wrote in his diary: “God if you exist, kill me.” And for many years helping the Butyrka inmates. Trust him, listen to him, and he constantly tells journalists about how it is to talk about God to those who see the sky only during short walks.

Broken lives and wives of the Decembrists

Once Yaroslav came for another dose and he was offered a substantial discount for “to stand beside” and “to watch”. The dealer did a so-called “bookmarks” (a small sealed bag with the drug courier leaves in a certain location and reports the coordinates to the client). And the next time the young man was arrested. On the court, he was actually the main accused in the case of drug trafficking. The sentence of 12 years imprisonment.