Russian science in the last year was something to be proud of

Russian science in the last year was something to be proud of For Russian scientists 2017 was yielding intellectual breakthroughs. There is promising research in the field of cancer treatment, and the creation of the world’s most powerful quantum computer, and the involvement of the main opening of the year. By and large, the Russians had to be in the number of Nobel laureates, but the case seems to be, again, politics intervened. In the last week of the expiring 2017 specific fame in the scientific community have acquired a normal rate, now known as “fee Rogozin”. To the astonished eyes of the President of Serbia, the animal was placed in a tank of liquid, where the dog was breathing rapidly. The experiment caused standard in such cases, the debate on the topic of humanism and facets of what is permitted in science. In the vote of readers of the

The media learned about the freezing of millions of Akhmetov’s assets in Cyprus

The media learned about the freezing of millions of Akhmetov’s assets in Cyprus MOSCOW, 5 Jan — RIA Novosti. A Cyprus court froze the assets of Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, in the amount of 820 million dollars, writes the Financial Times referring to got at its disposal the documents of the court. According to the newspaper, the decision was made on December 27 when considering the legal dispute around the company Ukrtelecom is Ukraine’s largest group of companies in the field of fixed communications. The company was sold to Akhmetov in 2013, the firm Raga belonging to the Ukrainian businessman Denis Gorbunenko. Representatives Raga insist that the transaction amounted to 860 million dollars, but Akhmetov has paid the seller, only 100 million. The frozen assets of a businessman linked with apartments in London that at the time of purchase was the most expensive property market in the UK. According to

Erdogan: agreement Turkey and the United States expire

Erdogan: agreement Turkey and the United States expire Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the bilateral legal agreements between the USA and Turkey “expire”, according to Reuters. “The US must excuse us, but the laws of our bilateral relations and bilateral agreements between us lose their power. I’m sad to say it, but so be it,” said Erdogan. The jury in the United States on Thursday, 4 January, was found guilty of the Deputy Director of the Turkish Bank Halkbank Mehmet Attila. Attila was accused of circumventing sanctions against Iran. “If this understanding of the US justice, then the world is doomed,” — said the President of Turkey. Earlier it was reported that Turkey has lifted restrictions on visas in the United States.

Space forces of the Russian Federation in 2017, found all the rocket launches in their area of responsibility

Radar type “Voronezh” in the Leningrad region © Yuri Ivanov/TASS MOSCOW, January 5. /TASS/. Space forces of the Russian Federation found all missile launches in the area of responsibility of the warning system missile attack Russia. This was reported in the press service of the defense Ministry. “In the framework of combat duty in 2017, the duty means of the Russian system of missile warning, specialized equipment systems and space surveillance and missile defense was discovered more than 60 launches of foreign and domestic ballistic missiles and space rockets”, – explained in the defense Ministry.

More than 35 thousand signatures collected in support of nomination of Grigory Yavlinsky presidential candidate

The Chairman of the Federal political Committee of the party “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky © Anton novoderezhkin/TASS MOSCOW, January 5. /TASS/. More than 35 thousand signatures collected as of 5 January in support of the nomination of the founder of the party “Yabloko” and the President of its Federal political Committee Grigory Yavlinsky candidate on presidential elections. About this TASS said the head of election headquarters of Yavlinsky, Deputy Chairman of the party Nikolay Rybakov.

A Georgian court sentenced Saakashvili to three years in prison

A Georgian court sentenced Saakashvili to three years in prison Georgian court sentenced in absentia former President Mikheil Saakashvili to three years in prison. This is the first verdict against Mr. Saakashvili, creating the grounds for his extradition to Georgia. 11фотографий11фотографий11фотографий According to prosecutors and the court, willful abuse of official authority President was to pardon high-ranking officials to the police in 2009. They were convicted of abduction of the employee “United Georgian Bank” Sandro Girgvliani. As found by the court, Mikhail Saakashvili, even before the verdict in 2006, promised the police officer an ambulance freedom in exchange for silence about the fact that the order for the kidnapping and beating of Sandro Girgvliani, a young man ran away, fell into a ravine and died — came from the top management of the Ministry of internal Affairs and entourage of the President. Mr. Girgvliani during a private argument in a

Bluefin tuna sold for 323 thousands of dollars at auction in Tokyo

Bluefin tuna sold for 323 thousands of dollars at auction in Tokyo MOSCOW, 5 Jan — RIA Novosti. Bluefin tuna weighing 405 kg was sold at this year’s first auction at Japan over 323 thousand dollars (36,45 million yen). It is reported by NHK. A huge fish has become the top lot of the fish auction at the Tsukiji seafood market in Tokyo. She was caught in the waters of the Pacific ocean near the port of OMA (Aomori Prefecture). The cost of the lot was not a record. The maximum price of fish at auction was recorded in 2013, when 222-kilogram bluefin tuna was sold for 155,4 million yen.

Scientists chose the world’s best diet

Scientists chose the world’s best diet The experts from U.S. News and World Report chose the best diet from 38 recognized in the United States. This was reported on the website of the National Institute of heart, lung and blood (NHLBI). Diet called DASH (Dietary approaches to cease hypertension) is the reduction or complete rejection of salt, foods high in saturated fat, and sugar. In addition to the main effect of lowering blood pressure, DASH helps lower cholesterol. Nutritionists declare that a DASH works better than many drugs for hypertension. First place DASH was shared with the Mediterranean diet that helps to reduce weight, improve the heart and brain, prevent diabetes, and even avoid cancer. The three locked “flexible vegetarian diet”, the adherents of which weigh 15 percent less supporters of meat that are less prone to heart attacks, diabetes and cancer, and live on average 3.6 years longer. This