Scientists chose the world’s best diet

Scientists chose the world’s best diet

The experts from U.S. News and World Report chose the best diet from 38 recognized in the United States. This was reported on the website of the National Institute of heart, lung and blood (NHLBI).

Diet called DASH (Dietary approaches to cease hypertension) is the reduction or complete rejection of salt, foods high in saturated fat, and sugar.

In addition to the main effect of lowering blood pressure, DASH helps lower cholesterol.

Nutritionists declare that a DASH works better than many drugs for hypertension.

First place DASH was shared with the Mediterranean diet that helps to reduce weight, improve the heart and brain, prevent diabetes, and even avoid cancer.

The three locked “flexible vegetarian diet”, the adherents of which weigh 15 percent less supporters of meat that are less prone to heart attacks, diabetes and cancer, and live on average 3.6 years longer. This power supply system calls for the rejection of meat, but admits of exceptions, “if you really want”.