Physics made the smallest Christmas card in the world

Physics made the smallest Christmas card in the world

The staff of the National physical laboratory (UK) have created the smallest Christmas card in the world. 200 million such cards will fit in a regular postage stamp. This was reported on the website of the laboratory.

The card is made from a membrane of silicon nitride with a thickness of about 200 nanometers, coated with a layer of platinum. Greetings, signature, and snowman on the cover of physics engraved with a focused ion beam.

Dimensions cards — 15 to 20 microns (for comparison, the thickness of a human hair is about 50-80 microns). According to the calculations the creators of cards, to cubic meter can fit seven quadrillion of these cards, that is more than 900 thousand for every person on Earth.

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In 2009 in the same laboratory as a Christmas gift made of nanodevice size of 10 microns. His “blinded” from the beads, which are calibrated by electron microscopes.