In Russia banned the import of sheep and camels from Switzerland

In Russia banned the import of sheep and camels from Switzerland The Rosselkhoznadzor has banned the import of live birds and animals, and animal products from Switzerland due to outbreaks of dangerous diseases. The ban came into force on 22 December, noted in the materials Department. Due to the outbreak of Newcastle disease is prohibited to import live poultry, eggs, poultry meat and all poultry products not heat processed. The prohibition applies also to imports of feed and supplements for birds. Because other disease — bluetongue — it is prohibited to import cattle and small cattle, wild, zoo and circus animals, camels, sheep, embryos, large and small cattle. Newcastle disease is a viral disease characterized by lesions of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and Central nervous system, causing massive death of birds. Bluetongue or “blue tongue”, is an infectious disease manifested by fever, lesions of the digestive tract, tongue, changes of skeletal

The United States expanded sanctions against the DPRK

The United States expanded sanctions against the DPRK Under them were the Deputy head of the Working party of the Department of military industry, Kim Chong-Sik, as well as the first Vice Chairman of the Department at the Central Committee Ri Pyong Cho. WASHINGTON, 26 Dec — RIA Novosti. The United States expanded sanctions against the DPRK to include two North Korean officials, according to the website of the Ministry of Finance. In the sanctions list included the Deputy head of the Working party of the Department of military industry of the DPRK Kim Jong-Sik (KIM, Jong Sik) and the first Vice-Chairman of the Department of the Labour party at the Central Committee of the DPRK Ri Pyong Cho (RI, Pyong Cho). North Korea in recent years busy developing Intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads for their equipment, citing the threat posed by the United States. The last missile test

Putin’s support people that I trust the Russians

© Alexei Nikolsky/press service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, December 26. /TASS/. The meeting of initiative group of voters have decided to support the nomination of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections that will be held on 18 March 2018. Under the law, to support self-candidate, you need to create a group of voters in number of not less than 500 citizens of the Russian Federation. In the meeting held on Tuesday in the historical Park “Russia – my story” at ENEA, attended by 668 people. After the meeting of the group of candidate not later than January 7 will have to personally apply to the Central election Commission with a petition for registration of group and a number of other documents. No empty praises The head of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” Boris Gryzlov considers that, based on the current international situation, Putin’s decision to go

Died composer Vladimir shainskiy

Died composer Vladimir shainskiy The author of music to cartoon about Crocodile Gena died on 93-m to year of life. 8фотографий8фотографий8фотографий On 93-m to year of life has died the composer, people’s artist of the RSFSR, laureate of state prize of the USSR Vladimir shainskiy. About it reports TV channel “Culture”. The journalists of the news program “Vesti” said the relatives of the composer. Compilationin memory of Vladimir Shainsky: 10 cartoons with his music The son of composer V. SHainskij confirmed the fact of death. “I confirm the death of his father. He died in hospital in the United States. The consequences of surgery and, in addition, age — 92 years old he was 12 December,” he explained. According to him, the composer had cancer. Before he had the surgery, for some time the health Shainsky has improved, “but such things at that age without a trace are not,”

Died Aviasales founder Konstantin Kalinov

Died Aviasales founder Konstantin Kalinov On 41-m to year of life has died the Aviasales founder Konstantin Kalinov. This was announced by managing Director of the company Maxim Kraynov. On the causes of death are not yet known. Publish by Konstantin Kalinov Dad Kostya (@kosyan) Jun 20, 2016 at 5:48 PDT During the download an error has occurred. In November last year, Kalin announced that it will no longer take operational control of the company in connection with the prolonged illness. Russian search engine tickets, owned by Go Travel Un Limited, established by Mr. Snowball. The service came in 2007 and was originally a personal blog of Konstantin Kalinov. In may 2012 launched a mobile application Aviasales.

Called easy way of extending the life

Called easy way of extending the life Scientists at mit have found that the drop in the level of air pollution in the United States due to the large increase in life expectancy of people. The decrease in the number of solid particles in the air contributes to less risk of premature death from various diseases, reports EurekAlert!. The researchers studied changes in the concentration of aerosols (airborne particulate) in the surface layer of the atmosphere above the US States from 1990 to 2012. For this purpose they used data of the monitoring network for the environment Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments. The scientists then linked these indicators with the expected mortality rate for cardiovascular or respiratory diseases. It turned out that the level of pollution in recent years has decreased, despite an increase in the number of forest fires, thus reducing the amount of organic aerosol was six

The German was hit by two trains and survived

The German was hit by two trains and survived In Germany, a resident of Dachau was still alive after it moved two trains not far from Munich. It is reported by the Süddeutsche Zeitung. According to the publication, 23 December, 24-year-old man who was intoxicated, fell from the train platform on the way. Train drivers of two trains didn’t notice it. 40 minutes after the incident, the badly injured man was seen by two passengers. According to them, in the near future was supposed to arrive, another train, the victim will not be able to leave the railroad tracks. They called an ambulance. At the time of arrival of doctors, the victim was conscious. It is known that he fell on the road at 4:00 local time (6:00 GMT). Probably, the young man was returning from a Christmas party and decided to wait for the train’s departure at 5:30 in

The mechanic told me what could happen, an accident with a bus in Moscow

The mechanic told me what could happen, an accident with a bus in Moscow Bus Lyase could start moving if the driver not being behind the wheel, pressed the button closing the doors. About the tricks of managing similar machines “Газете.Ru” told the repair technician at the First bus depot in St. Petersburg. 14фотографий14фотографий14фотографий — How familiar are you with the bus LiAZ-5292.60 that yesterday in Moscow began spontaneous movement, which led to serious consequences? For the past eight years I am a private owner of vintage bus LAZ, LiAZ-677, the famous “moonwalker”. We’ve been recovering and collecting these machines, and three years ago we were invited to work in the First bus fleet. We are now working at the St. Petersburg Museum of buses, collect vintage cars, are also involved in work on modern buses, we are sometimes engaged in capital repairs. From January to may I worked on

The EU questioned the presence of political pluralism in Russia after the refusal of the CEC of the Bulk

The EU questioned the presence of political pluralism in Russia after the refusal of the CEC of the Bulk The European Union has expressed doubt about the existence of political pluralism in Russia after opposition politician Alexei Navalny refused to register for participation in the upcoming presidential election. “This decision raises serious doubts about the presence of political pluralism in Russia and democratic prospects in the upcoming 2018 election. Politically motivated judicial decisions should not be used for prohibition of participation in political life” — leads TASS words of the official representative of the European external action service Maya Kosyanchich. Yesterday Alexei Navalny formally refused registration as a candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation because of a conviction for a serious article. He described the motivation of the CEC “legal lace” and urged the Commission to consider “context of situation” and the decision of the European court of human