Disclosed details of a plot against Gaddafi

A Wounded Muammar Gaddafi Former adviser to former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi Bashir Saleh said that the President was killed as a result of the conspiracy, and not just because of the revolution. About Bashir said in an interview with RT. “This was a carefully planned and skillfully implemented plan to overthrow Gaddafi and other presidents in Egypt, Tunisia,” he explained. According to Bashir, the purpose of the conspiracy was “to transform Islam from a religion into a cultural phenomenon.” He added that “the overthrow of Gaddafi has prepared US”. “They thought Gaddafi, by definition, is opposed to Western culture and Western way of life that he seeks to destroy the world order,” — said the former adviser. Gaddafi was killed by NATO-supported rebels on 20 October 2011. After his death, the country is actually split into several areas that control different factions.

Scattered pork at the mosque of an American sentenced to 15 years in prison

Michael Wolf American Michael Wolff was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the attack on a mosque and desecration. It is reported Florida Today. In January 2016, a man with a machete smashed a few lights on the facade and Windows of the mosque Masjid al-Munin, located in Titusville (Florida, USA). After that, the wolf threw to the front door a piece of bacon. The attacker was shot by police surveillance cameras, and police was not difficult to catch the offender. Wolf made a deal with the investigation, pleaded guilty to the crime of hate that is an aggravating circumstance. In this case the defendant was acquitted of the charges in the attempted robbery of the mosque. Earlier the man has repeatedly served different prison sentences for burglary, illegal drug possession and other offenses. 11 October last year to one of the mosques in the French city of nice

Kosovo politicians said the justification for the shooting and again came under investigation

The Kosovo police launched an investigation against the Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Diaspora Affairs Dardanos Gashi. The politician opened fire at the party for the acquittal verdict in respect of another Vice Prime Minister, Fatmir Limaj suspected of corruption, according to RTK. Along with Gashi this event violently happy, the former mayor of one of the small towns Themselves Lushtaku, which this summer, was released after seven years in prison on charges of war crimes and killings of Serbs in 1998-1999. The court in Pristina has acquitted him on the complaint of the lawyers. Limaj in February 2014 he was accused of corruption and damage of Kosovo budget in the amount of 890 thousand euros. Previously, he was accused of war crimes in Kosovo in 1998-1999, but was acquitted by the International Tribunal in the Hague and the Kosovo court. The Republic of Kosovo, a partially recognized state on

Russia in UN urged to urgently restart the process of Palestinian-Israeli settlement

Permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia © AP Photo/Richard Drew UN 8 Dec. /TASS/. Russia calls urgent to restart “a meaningful political process” aimed at resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the creation of separate States for two peoples. This was stated on Friday, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia at the Security Council meeting held in conjunction with the U.S. decision on recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Dachshund tried to hide his folly and became a meme

Dachshund tried to hide his folly and became a meme The network has gained wide popularity photograph of the Dachshund, which, looking at the master, humbly smiling. Users suggested that a grateful glance, the dog admits that she didn’t understand a single word that she said. “When someone explains something to you seven times and you still don’t understand and hope that they will forgive you because you’re so stupid,” wrote a Reddit user with the nickname NooneHasThatName by posting on the portal photo of the dog. During the download an error has occurred. The animal conquered the site visitors. The quickly pulls the most popular resource record. Users admitted that they themselves were in a similar situation and felt awkward about the fact that don’t understand what they are trying to impress. “This is pretty much my constant reaction throughout all of my engineering courses. Consistently feel like the

Atheists are under threat: to live non-religious people harder

Atheists are under threat: to live non-religious people harder According to a new report presented this week in the European Parliament, non-religious people face heavy discrimination in over 85 countries, and it happens more often. What is behind this trend? International humanist and ethical Union (IHEU), who prepared the report, also notes that, according to the last 12 months, the unbelievers are actively pursuing at least seven countries — from India and Malaysia to Sudan and Saudi Arabia. In which regions fared the worst, and what is behind this trend? In April in Pakistan, a University student, accused of insulting Islam, was beaten to death by a mob of fellow students directly on campus. A few weeks before in the Maldives blogger, known for his support of liberal secularism and ridiculing religion, was found stabbed to death in his apartment. In Sudan, human rights activist Mohamed Dosage was jailed after

Revealed the ultimate possibilities of the human body

Revealed the ultimate possibilities of the human body French scientists have identified the limits of the human body. A study published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology, reports the Daily Mail. Experts analyzed information about changing the limits of human capabilities over the last 120 years and came to the conclusion that they already achieved. Without the artificial intervention of Homo sapiens is not superior to indicators such as lifespan, body growth and physical endurance. “Over the last ten years in some African countries, the growth decreased; this suggests that some companies can no longer provide adequate food for their children and maintain their health,” says co-author Jean-Francois Toussaint of the University of Paris. Currently the tallest people on the planet are considered to be the Dutch men, whose average height is 185 centimeters. In the ranking of life expectancy by the world health organization is leading Japan (86.8 years

The head of the Russian Olympic Committee explained the reason for the apology to IOC

Alexander Zhukov The President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Alexander Zhukov explained why he apologized to the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). His words are quoted “R-Sport”. “Unfortunately, this (the Moscow anti-doping) laboratory with all these criminals do not exist on Mars, and in our country. And, unfortunately, its activities were not timely disclosed. And she has caused enormous damage especially to our athletes, hundreds of our athletes, and, of course, the whole Olympic movement,” said Zhukov, believing I did the right thing. “Two views here can not be. Yes, OCD to that wasn’t involved in any way. But I apologized for it and believe that did the right thing. Because to deny that harm is impossible. We need to get through this difficult moment in the history of our sport, turn the page,” — said the head of the ROC. On December 5, the IOC

More than 750 Palestinians were injured in clashes with Israeli police

More than 750 Palestinians were injured in clashes with Israeli police last Friday in the West Bank of the Jordan river and the Gaza strip. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the red Crescent organization. Besides the wounded, two people were killed and another three are in hospital in serious condition. It is noted that the clashes with law enforcement agencies attended by 7.5 thousand people, the instigators are used against the security forces, burning tyres, stones and bottles with an incendiary mix. In addition to police, in the conflict had involved soldiers of the Israel defense forces, which are “selectively opened fire in the direction of dozens of the main instigators of the confirmed hits”. On 6 December, the President of the United States Donald trump announced the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He also instructed the state Department to begin work to transfer the U.S.

Russian skiers decided to go to the Olympics 2018

Elena Vyalbe Russian skiers have decided to take part in the Olympic games in 2018. This was announced by the head of the Federation of ski races of Russia (FLGR) Elena Vyalbe, quoted “R-Sport”. “Yes, there was a vote. It is the athletes themselves held an internal vote and decided that our team in cross-country skiing going to the Olympics,” said Vyalbe. Athletes will perform at the Games in a neutral status. On 5 December the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has suspended the national team of Russia from participation in the Olympic games in Pyeongchang for violating anti-doping rules. To speak in Pyeongchang can only athletes who have proven its “purity”. The Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR) and its head Alexander Zhukov was disqualified. According to the findings of an investigation into doping in Russian sports, the IOC stripped medals Sochi 2014 two skiers: Alexei passenger