Dachshund tried to hide his folly and became a meme

Dachshund tried to hide his folly and became a meme

The network has gained wide popularity photograph of the Dachshund, which, looking at the master, humbly smiling. Users suggested that a grateful glance, the dog admits that she didn’t understand a single word that she said.

“When someone explains something to you seven times and you still don’t understand and hope that they will forgive you because you’re so stupid,” wrote a Reddit user with the nickname NooneHasThatName by posting on the portal photo of the dog.

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The animal conquered the site visitors. The quickly pulls the most popular resource record. Users admitted that they themselves were in a similar situation and felt awkward about the fact that don’t understand what they are trying to impress.

“This is pretty much my constant reaction throughout all of my engineering courses. Consistently feel like the most stupid person in the office and on the planet,” admits thechapattack.

“The worst thing is that when you don’t understand, they repeat their initial explanation three times. Speaking slower or louder, as if that would help me understand,” laughs kiss-kiss-bang-bangg.

To pretend to understand what in fact is not available to you, not the worst, according to some users. “Worst of all, when you think you understand them, but they prove you wrong,” — said hkmprohd65.

However, some thought that the dog in the picture did not think that so desperately discuss visitors to Reddit. In fact, he’s just trying to urinate on the owner to prove their superiority.