Revealed the ultimate possibilities of the human body

Revealed the ultimate possibilities of the human body

French scientists have identified the limits of the human body. A study published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology, reports the Daily Mail.

Experts analyzed information about changing the limits of human capabilities over the last 120 years and came to the conclusion that they already achieved. Without the artificial intervention of Homo sapiens is not superior to indicators such as lifespan, body growth and physical endurance.

“Over the last ten years in some African countries, the growth decreased; this suggests that some companies can no longer provide adequate food for their children and maintain their health,” says co-author Jean-Francois Toussaint of the University of Paris.

Currently the tallest people on the planet are considered to be the Dutch men, whose average height is 185 centimeters. In the ranking of life expectancy by the world health organization is leading Japan (86.8 years for women).