Scattered pork at the mosque of an American sentenced to 15 years in prison

Michael Wolf

American Michael Wolff was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the attack on a mosque and desecration. It is reported Florida Today.

In January 2016, a man with a machete smashed a few lights on the facade and Windows of the mosque Masjid al-Munin, located in Titusville (Florida, USA). After that, the wolf threw to the front door a piece of bacon.

The attacker was shot by police surveillance cameras, and police was not difficult to catch the offender.

Wolf made a deal with the investigation, pleaded guilty to the crime of hate that is an aggravating circumstance. In this case the defendant was acquitted of the charges in the attempted robbery of the mosque.

Earlier the man has repeatedly served different prison sentences for burglary, illegal drug possession and other offenses.

11 October last year to one of the mosques in the French city of nice unknown threw the head and hide of a boar. At the time of the incident, the city authorities have banned a rally in the mosque religious ceremonies because of the suspicion that the activities of the parish are financed from Saudi Arabia.

Pig in Islam is considered unclean animals, eating pork and by-products is strictly prohibited.