Called easy way of extending the life

Called easy way of extending the life

Scientists at mit have found that the drop in the level of air pollution in the United States due to the large increase in life expectancy of people. The decrease in the number of solid particles in the air contributes to less risk of premature death from various diseases, reports EurekAlert!.

The researchers studied changes in the concentration of aerosols (airborne particulate) in the surface layer of the atmosphere above the US States from 1990 to 2012. For this purpose they used data of the monitoring network for the environment Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments. The scientists then linked these indicators with the expected mortality rate for cardiovascular or respiratory diseases.

It turned out that the level of pollution in recent years has decreased, despite an increase in the number of forest fires, thus reducing the amount of organic aerosol was six times greater than previously thought. According to scientists, this means a drop in the number of premature deaths from all causes.

According to researchers, the reduction was due to the fact that the atmosphere throws less pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide, and not due to the influence of weather conditions like rain or temperature.

According to the American experts, the environmental pollution, including air and water, takes more lives than war, violence, disease, famine or natural disaster. Urban air can also have a negative impact on the ability to have children. However, walking in parks and quiet districts of the city with lots of vegetation are beneficial to health.