The mechanic told me what could happen, an accident with a bus in Moscow

The mechanic told me what could happen, an accident with a bus in Moscow

Bus Lyase could start moving if the driver not being behind the wheel, pressed the button closing the doors. About the tricks of managing similar machines “Газете.Ru” told the repair technician at the First bus depot in St. Petersburg.


— How familiar are you with the bus LiAZ-5292.60 that yesterday in Moscow began spontaneous movement, which led to serious consequences?

For the past eight years I am a private owner of vintage bus LAZ, LiAZ-677, the famous “moonwalker”. We’ve been recovering and collecting these machines, and three years ago we were invited to work in the First bus fleet. We are now working at the St. Petersburg Museum of buses, collect vintage cars, are also involved in work on modern buses, we are sometimes engaged in capital repairs.

From January to may I worked on a line normal driver. In the Park I number of beater, the LiAZ-5292 distilled machine in the repair process. From LiAZ-5292 index after the dot can be anything, but structurally and on the principle of control, they have the same structure.

Therefore, in principle, the driver with the experience should not be a problem to change from one machine to another.

Model with an index of .60 is not German, and domestic Yaroslavl motor.

— Yes, but in the end, the operation is not affected. What difference to me, as the driver, as there is the engine? I need to know where to check the oil level.

— These buses are German ZF automatic transmission. As they proved themselves?

We have a lot of cars with these boxes, this is one of the most commonly installed automatic transmission. And in our Park no complaints about these boxes no. In addition to Lyase, they are still sometimes on the buses NefAZ.

— How widespread in Russia LIAZ-5292?

Is one of the most common vehicles when went orders for low-floor vehicles, plant of LiAZ started to put them in different cities. In St. Petersburg quite a lot, in Moscow, in Kazan… There are more car 6213 “accordion”, which differs only in the node of articulation and length. Machines of this design very much…

— The bus has three-button mode selection automatic transmission — D, N and R. Tell us what instructions the driver must press when you stop?

— If to speak about St. Petersburg, according to the instructions prescribed distance at which we must come to a stop, opening doors and all. We have no requirements setting the machine on the hand brake and there is no requirement to switch off the mode D (drive). When I stop, the bus brakes hidrosadenitis, a hydraulic transmission. When the foot is on the brake pedal, avtopatrul: micro switch stops operation of the mode D. If at the bus stop, and there is no need for some reason to get up for a long time, the handbrake on the car is not placed, and retained by the brake pedal.

On the line at the light box in neutral, we almost never switched, always on d mode

Yes, and the maker movement “roll-forward” with the included neutral prohibit, suffer from this box.

— After yesterday’s accident I took a ride on the Moscow Lyase, noticed yesterday on a long stop, the driver stepped N, today for short — was standing on D…