Child benefits can be used without restrictions, said Topilin

Child benefits can be used without restrictions, said Topilin

MOSCOW, 25 Dec — RIA Novosti. Funds from the new benefits that will get families having their first or second child, can be used without any restrictions, abridgement of parents ‘ constitutional rights should not be, said the Minister of labour and social protection Maxim Topilin at a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on social policy.

According to the head of the Committee Senator Valery Ryazansky, the Federation Council believes that the funds from the new allowances first and second child cannot be spent on alcohol, tobacco and similar products, therefore it is necessary to consider restrictive measures.

“Naturally, we proceed from the integrity of the family, and this whole program is, of course, for these families, but this kind of control, in my opinion, by the relevant departments, institutions — should be, could be,” — said the Ryazan.

In turn, Topilin said that the payments will be made “without any restrictions in use,” and proposed initiatives “have the initial motive for lobbying the relevant trade agencies.”

“Of course, the family itself needs to use the money at its own discretion exclusively, but certainly if we have information about the difficult situation in the family — there are other ways to solve it, in any case not limit the constitutional rights,” — said the Minister.