The Second Snowflake

The Second Snowflake

In kindergartens and schools are a succession of Christmas parties, plays and tea.

Moms in WhatsApp moan the last two weeks, unable to agree with than to have a tea party: tea or juice? To buy cakes or pizzas? And the costumes for the play? Buy or sew yourself improvised? And, of course, the most heated disputes arise over the allocation of roles.

This year our class presents the play based on the tale Marshak “Twelve months”. Perfect choice, since no one without a role will not. Boys — months, Peter — Professor, because he even make-up is not necessary to impose. He and life of such a Professor, only small and not very boring yet. Loew — soldiers. Well, just because he is the tallest in the class. Girls are harder than boys. The main actress in our school troupe — Anya. Her mom almost every night puts in WhatsApp as Anya, the expression reads verses by heart. The girl rolls her eyes, gestures and pulls the vowels.

At the rehearsal December-Danya lit February-van between the eyes. Then the van was quickly appointed August, to stand away from Dec. But Joe wants to go back in winter to give Dana back.

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I am, of course, jealous. My daughter reads on a single note, no commas. Anya always get the big roles. This year it is and the Author (it will be behind the scenes, the text to say), and for the Princess. The girls, of course, jealous, but not much. After Princess — a negative character. But for the role of the Stepdaughter broke the whole fight. Like in a real theater, made a three part step-daughters — Katya, Alina and Nastya. Now the girls that were inseparable with each other not talking and I wish that other Stepdaughter or lost his voice or broke a leg.

My daughter was prescribed a Second Snowflake, and Tasia — Fourth (six). Snowflakes are silent, nice fit, a little dancing and depict the Blizzard, rushing around the stage. But Tasia doesn’t want to be the Fourth, and wants to be at least Third. Because the Fifth snowflake — Mary — creates a Blizzard so active that the rest of the Snowflakes left to huddle in the corners. Masha we have involved in football, for the third year. In attack plays. And confuses the stage with a football field.