Named the most ridiculous “excuses” for hospital

Named the most ridiculous “excuses” for hospital

American Internet service for job search CareerBuilder conducted an online survey, which was attended by about six thousand managers to work with staff and employees.

As it turned out, 40% of employees regularly take sick leave, while actually they feel great. Often in such a way to carve out free time women than men.

Among the most popular reasons why people are off from work — just the reluctance to go to work (23%), urgent need to relax (20%), desire to sleep (15%), the need to make urgent business (14%), or just spend time with family and friends (8%).

When HR managers were asked to name the strangest and most ridiculous pretexts under which the employees were asked to give the output in the top-list includes such “excuses”:

*in the courtyard of the bear, and the employee is afraid to leave the house;

*in the restaurant the dish was a toothpick and the employee ate it;

*the employee is not suited to his uniform, and so his teasing thick;

*an employee reported that he had in his hand exploded the phone, and now his hand is hurt;

*an employee reported that he did not have enough gas to get to work.