The influence of cigarettes attractiveness

The influence of cigarettes attractiveness

MOSCOW, December 14 — RIA Novosti. Smokers are less attractive to the opposite sex, to such conclusion the British scientists from the University of Bristol, the results of their work published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

The study involved more than 500 people. They were asked to choose the more attractive person of a pair of twins, one of whom smokes and the other does not. Two-thirds of men expressed a preference for non-Smoking women. At the same time, 68% of the respondents of the fairer sex made the same choice.

The study authors noted that many people know about the negative effects of Smoking on the body, scientists were now able to provide visual proof of the impact of this habit on the exterior, because the twins are genetically identical, and the aging process similar.

“Appearance is obviously important for people, especially for the young, so we can use these results as a basis for the promotion of Smoking cessation,” says one of the authors Professor Ian Penton-Voak.

Earlier, Australian scientists found that Smoking during pregnancy can lead to the development of fetal cerebral palsy.