Grandma accidentally put up a Christmas tree in underwear

Grandma accidentally put up a Christmas tree in underwear

Alex Bermingham from Ireland said on Twitter on new year’s incident in the house of her grandmother. 74-year-old woman bought Christmas balls and decorated their tree. However, on closer examination it turned out that the grandmother had not sold the holiday decorations.

The granddaughter explained to the grandmother that she bought underwear in the package in a transparent globe. Inside was a Thong with lurex, which deceived the eyes of the old woman.

“My 74-year-old grandma got these Christmas balls in the store for home. When I started to hang them on the tree, I realized that grandma herself without knowing it, bought shiny balls Packed in a Thong. All contemptible Christmas.”

My 74 year old grandmother bought Christmas baubles in Dunnes Stores, which I have just realised upon decorating her tree that unbeknownst to her upon purchase, they are in fact, lavender glitter G-strings.

Wishing everyone a kinky Christmas this holiday season.

— Alex. (@Alex_Bermingham) 11 Dec 2017

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The granddaughter explained that the balls — not what their adopted grandmother. The old lady was embarrassed, “God, the store employees must have thought I was strange because I have six pieces I bought,” said the woman.

Tweet Bermingham laugh of mikroblogerov. They were pricked in their naivety of the grandmother, noting that the balls with shiny panties is really easy to confuse with Christmas toys.

“Hey, Santa, here’s someone both good, and bad!” joked others.

The story of the Irish has gained popularity in Twitter. Her story was shared more than 7,5 thousand users. Some advised Alex to say thank you grandma because that made her famous.