Krasnoyarsk citizen came to take out a mortgage and found out about his death

Resident of Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk Krai) could not take an apartment in the mortgage, because the documents were dead, “VESTI-Novosibirsk”. He went to the police to prove that he was alive.

The citizen learned of his death after the Bank check. Surprised, he went to the registry office, where, as it turned out, he was listed as alive. Later it turned out that the dead it was recorded in the local office of the Federal migration service, whose website was hacked in the spring.

The office explained to reporters a technical failure that this year in Krasnoyarsk twice turned off the light.

The TV channel notes that this is not the only such case. In 2017, at least 15 residents of Zheleznogorsk have found that their passports are invalid.

In mid-October in St. Petersburg bailiffs received a letter on behalf of the debtor, who died 16 years ago and against which in March opened the enforcement proceedings. The document was written by the lawyer of the family of the deceased, who allegedly contacted his client with the help of a psychic. In the appeal of a dead businessman offered to police officers “to go” with its decree, and the court. At the end he added that he is eagerly waiting when they will keep him company.

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