The Governor of Leningrad region admitted in a secret Assembly file for colleagues

Alexander Drozdenko

The Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko said that secretly collects information to colleagues. This he told on a press-the conference devoted to results of work for the year, reports 47news.

“The more you collect, the more surprised. Already folder large was formed. I think, to put in the safe, and the information already there so interesting,” he said.

The head of the region explained that, in particular, recently, he asked what the present fleet in the public institutions of the region, and also learned that the government of the Leningrad region has a labor dynasty of eleven people. According to the portal, he has to decide this question, because one of the objectives of the announced reforms is to move away from the principle of nepotism. Drozdenko added that he had no questions to President Putin, and told that “our migrants better than the West”, the newspaper reports.

The Governor promised to deal with the problem of providing housing to servicemen of the region. Earlier, the military had to get up with the Kalashnikovs in the cordon officers ‘ hostel in the village of Agalatovo, when the building tried to cut off from the warmth of the staff of the municipal enterprise. Assessment of public utilities, the debt management company for hot water and heating in the building amounted to 31 million rubles, besides that the military pay the bills. One of the families called the living conditions “bestial”.