The engagement with the sky

The engagement with the sky

Aviation school in the town of Sasovo in Russia is considered to be the most feminine. How to prepare future pilots found out “the Spark”.


Before the girls here didn’t. But in the mid-1990s, the tradition was broken by the German citizen stephie Ella. Did it on a paid basis through the International civil aviation organization, where there are no restrictions for women did not exist.

The second cadet, in the late 1990s, became the stewardess of “Transaero” Irina Zorina. To do this, she received special permission from the Federal air transport Agency. And after its success in the town of Sasovo, Ryazan oblast stretched entrant from across the country.

Now it is clear that sneered knowingly. Natalia is now the commander “the Boeing-737”.

Now of 450 cadets Sasovo flying school of civil aviation to them. Hero of the Soviet Union Grigory Taran, 55 — women.

Orders, however, almost military. Mandatory form at 7:40 am divorce, at 10 p.m. checks, which all must be present. After that, the door of the dormitory are locked.

If the parents or the husband come to visit, they, of course, be released on night in the hotel, if there is no debt for school. For this you need to write a report, then there will be order in the College. The authorities will check the passport to find out that her husband really her husband.

Girl live better than other cadets in the former hostel for foreign students. Earlier in Sasovo prepared many pilots for friendly countries, the whole case was built.