The richest and the lone Prince of Europe.

Albert von Thurn and taxis — Prince, though the Principality no longer exists. He lives in the Palace of the 517 rooms, beautiful, single and very rich. In General, a real Prince charming from a fairy tale, only the white horse prefers racing cars.


First things first: wealth is really fabulous. Goes, say, a tourist and asks: “whose is the forest?” And the locals answered him: “Prince, Prince, Prince of Thurn-and-Taxis!”. It goes on: “And whose is the land?” The same answer. Tourists come to the city of Regensburg, sees a huge not a castle, not a Palace, asks: “Whose is it?” — “And this is not the first century as the residence of the family of the family of Thurn-and-taxis”, — I answered him. The traveler wants to buy something in the children and sees in the store, the Board game Thurn-und-Taxis. The aim of the game is to arrange the mail service between German cities, as in ancient times, organized his famous family. Comes night the traveler to the pub and orders a mug Thurn-und-Taxis Export or Thurn-und-Taxis Postmeister. The hotel includes a TV and there was racing, and the list of participants the name of the representative of the same eminent kind. Palace in Regensburg is not the only house belonging to the family of Thurn and taxis (or, as some say the old Thurn-und-taxis).

There are a dozen castles, bungalows, and cabins in different parts of the world. Add to this a collection of modern art collected by the Prince’s mother, the family jewels.

In different years, Forbes magazine estimated the state of albert Thurn-and-Taxis in $1.5−2 billion That makes him the richest Prince (Prince) in Europe, unmarried.

The Prince albert II. Food for thought

The full name of Prince albert Maria Lamoral Miguel Johannes Gabriel. Now full last name (titles in Germany has officially abolished in 1919 and became part of the surname): the 12th Prince of Thurn and taxis, Prince zu Buchau, Prince von Krotoszyn, Duke of Vert-Donaustauf, count the rank of Prince zu Friedberg-Scheer, Graf zu Valsassina, Marital zu and zu Neresheim. His serene Highness Prince albert II of Thurn and taxis was born on 24 June 1983. Parents — Johannes, 11th Prince of Thurn and taxis, and Gloria, the Countess and lady von of schönburg-Glauchau.

Went to school in Germany, then in Italy. In 18 years, officially became the sole heir to the enormous family fortune. In the fall of 2003 I went to serve in the army (in those years in Germany, military service was compulsory for all men).

In 2008 he graduated from the University of Edinburgh (he majored in business and theology — an interesting combination).

Albert loves the kitchen, but did not scruple to buy water, milk, salt and pepper in shop low prices. Do not miss the Oktoberfest in Munich.

The growth of the head of the family Thurn and taxis — 193 cm

First Lamborghini

When little albert started talking, I started not with “mom” or “dad”, and with “broom-broom”: the sound of a car engine. To 34 years his interests, I must say, has changed little.

Can all the princes. If you have your own land, and the house is full of cars you can safely drive without waiting for the age at which issue a driver’s license.

Coming of age, albert took part in circuit racing, made in the tournament, Volkswagen Lupo Cup. Then switched to the race in “what supercars do” GT. The main achievement of victory in the series ADAC GT Masters in 2010 (Lamborghini Gallardo-team Reiter Engineering).

He participates in a rally (on the hatchback Skoda Fabia R5). The best results last year to sixth place on rally Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) and Hellendorn (nl). Dreams of performances on a world level, but so far thinks have not achieved the necessary qualifications. Behind all the sporting achievements of Prince albert, you can follow on the page of his fans in Facebook, where it is present not as a Prince, and as an athlete. About how important for Alberta race can be judged by the fact that for the next competition, he missed the 50th anniversary of the mother.

Postmaster number one

Any serious philatelist knows what really famous family of Thurn and taxis. For definatalie: in 1490, Franz taxis at the initiative of the king of Germany Maximilian I founded the first regular Royal mail. Increasingly, the private postal service Taxis, which became the nobles and the Thurn-and-Taxis, it has expanded to a significant part of Europe.

The rank the General-the postmaster of the Holy Roman Empire became hereditary, members of the genus in 1695, was elevated to the Imperial princely rank. Private mail Thurn-and-Taxis existed until 1867. And the last 15 years have been marked by issuing its own postage stamps — stamp collection of the Thurn-and-taxis is considered the second largest in the world.

Thanks email the princes became insanely rich and famous. They entered into marriages with members of Royal families of Germany, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Austria-Hungary.

Anselm Franz, the second Prince of Thurn and taxis, the great — grandfather of the Russian emperors Alexander I and Nicholas I.

In 1812, in compensation for the loss of the postal monopoly in Bavaria, the Thurn-and-Taxis had donated the buildings of the former Abbey of St. Emmeram. The new owners rebuilt it, turning to the Palace. None of the family did not know exactly how many rooms in their residence, only remembered that about five hundred. If you are interested then the tour guides know everything: room 517, the total area of 21.46 square metres.

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Representatives of the Thurn-and-taxis-to a miscellaneous reacted to everything that happened in Germany in the XX century. Franz Joseph (9th Prince) participated in both world wars, and his only son was killed at Stalingrad. Carl August (later the 10th Duke), the younger brother of Franz Joseph, by contrast, was an anti-fascist, criticized the policies of Hitler and forbade their children to join the Hitler youth. In 1936, Hitler visited Regensburg to visit and wanted to meet Prince, but he refused to accept it.