Putin endorsed black lists of air passengers

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed amendments to the legislation related to the establishment of black lists of air passengers, reports “Interfax”.

The changes relate to Air and Civil codes of Russia. The carrier or the ticket seller can refuse the passenger, included in “black list” for the brawl on Board, the right travel and buying a ticket.

Also the amendments to the Code of administrative offences. A copy of the decision on the failure to comply with lawful orders of the commander of the aircraft (part 4 of article 11.17 of the administrative code), hooliganism (article 213 of the criminal code) or actions that threaten a safe flight (article 267.1 of the code) will direct the company-a carrier on Board the aircraft which the incident occurred.

In accordance with the amendments, the carrier must include rowdy in a positive list within 30 days after the court decision on punishment for a misdemeanor. In this list the person will be within a year after the entry into force of the decision on imposing administrative punishment.

Exception for temporary persona non grata will do only in case if the passenger is to return to Russia or be subject to expulsion or deportation from the country. The indulgence is only possible if people can’t get in any other way than by plane.

Also carriers will not be able to refuse to sell a ticket, if rowdy will fly to the place of treatment and back, will accompany the disabled to the place of treatment or going to the funeral of a relative. All these reasons should be documented.