The head of the Moscow region reported to Putin about the state of landfills in Kuchino

Landfill in the suburban Kuchino completely covered with soil and ready for reclamation. The head of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The transcript published on the Kremlin website.

“Now we have it covered with soil and saborio 50 wells in order to remove the negative effects of this landfill — getoteten so-called, together with the Austrian company,” — said Vorobyov.

According to him, reclaim the landfill will begin in March, this process will last for a year. He also assured that the government of the Moscow region works closely with the Russian government and Moscow authorities. “You supported us with money, without your help it would be impossible these are great tools to find, about four billion rubles,” — said the Governor.

Vorobyov added that all received from the President 90 orders, of which 67 have already been implemented. In addition, the region continues to invest in health, particularly in the perinatal centres, the construction of new schools, opened three economic zones with the support of the Russian government and industrial parks.

Putin instructed to deal with a dump in Kuchino in the “Straight line” June 15 after complaints of inhabitants of Balashikha. They said that the boundaries of the landfill came almost to the homes. He has adopted each year to 600 thousand tonnes of waste from Moscow region and Moscow. After the instructions of the President Vorobyov personally visited the landfill and stated that its closing was scheduled for 2021, but the local government needs to find a way to “shift the time”.