At impact coalition, killing two Syrian military

Archive photo As a result of airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition in the Syrian desert in the area of At-Tanta killed two soldiers of the Syrian army, more than 15 were injured. About it RIA Novosti said a source from the scene. On Tuesday, June 6, the coalition headed by the United States struck a new blow to the Syrian Pro-government forces in the Al-Tape. The first blow was struck on may 18 in the same area. In the Russian Federal Assembly, the impact of a coalition called act of aggression and said that it should be considered at an extraordinary meeting of the UN security Council.

Mauritania severed diplomatic relations with Qatar

Mauritania after other countries decided to break off diplomatic relations with Qatar. This was reported by AMI. As noted in the statement of the government policy of Qatar is associated with support of terrorist organizations in the region, the spread of extremist ideas. Mauritania also accused Qatar that it promotes anarchy and tensions in many Arab countries, and it causes a humanitarian catastrophe in these States as well as in Europe and in the world. The government expressed regret at the fact that Qatar has gone into the habit of working to undermine Arab unity. Prior to that, Jordan has decided to downgrade its diplomatic mission in Qatar. Also the power of the Kingdom was withdrawn on its territory a license to operate from the Qatari channel “al Jazeera”. Monday, June 5, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Qatar. They accused Doha

Russian hackers were credited with causing the crisis “breaking news”

American intelligence agencies believe that Russian hackers broke into the website of the state news Agency of Qatar to put out a fake news report that provoked the crisis in the relations of that state with its neighbors. It is reported by CNN. According to TV channel, the FBI sent to Doha team of investigators to assist the government of Qatar to investigate the alleged hacking incident. The information gathered by us intelligence agencies, indicates that the invasion of Russian hackers, says CNN. As noted, the alleged involvement of Russian hackers growing concern by intelligence and law enforcement bodies of the USA about the fact that Russia is trying to make the same actions cyberslam allies. According to officials, Russia’s goal, apparently, is to cause a rift between the United States and its allies. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Qatar Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said the FBI confirmed

Moscow authorities have promised to synchronize the renovation and overhaul of the neighboring houses

Marat Khusnullin In Moscow the house is located near the neighborhoods that fall under the renovation programme, will be repaired in the first place, said Deputy mayor for urban policy and the construction Marat Khusnullin, reports “Interfax”. “Houses need major repairs and are located near the quarters of the renovation will be carried out in order in the first place, that is, during the construction of a new block in the neighborhood”, — he explained. Khusnullin added that these measures will help to improve entire neighborhoods. According to him, the sync will create a quality urban environment. To demolish Moscow Khrushchev and build in their place a new house in February requested the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The program includes more than 4.5 thousand objects, their future voting will determine tenants. The resettlement programme will begin in autumn this year. Residents of the demolished houses will provide new apartments

About 100 houses in Moscow were excluded from participation in the renovation programme

Sergei Sobyanin About 100 residents of houses in Moscow voted against the inclusion of their homes in a renovation programme. This was stated by the mayor Sergei Sobyanin, reports TASS. “There are a number of houses — about a hundred who vote against, and we’ these houses posted on the portal. You can go to see. If more than one third of the inhabitants voted against, we automatically turn off the house renovation project and do not intend to touch him — live quietly, no one to disturb you will not” — said Sobyanin. The mayor admitted that some houses could be included in the list by mistake, but according to him, the vast majority of residents support the program. The first 18 houses, whose residents during the voting and wished to refuse the demolition, was identified in late may. Earlier in the same month it was reported that after

Lavrov warned Ukraine visa

Russia will introduce a visa regime with Ukraine in case of similar actions of Kiev. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, reports RIA Novosti. “When we poured a stream of mud, when our artists, figures of culture, art declared persona non grata when you take a business Russian investors in Ukraine’s economy, when finally talking seriously about the introduction of the visa regime, do you think we have it all to swallow and not to reciprocate?” asked the Minister during his speech at the Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad. Lavrov said that Moscow does not conduct any blacklists in Ukraine, except for isolated cases. The question about the possibility of introducing a visa regime between Ukraine and Russia was raised in Kiev in may. Then the intention to mobilize MPs for the adoption of the resolution, said the faction “popular front” in the Verkhovna Rada. A few

The state Department said that Russia tried to interfere in the elections in Montenegro

The state Department said that Russia tried to interfere in the elections in Montenegro WASHINGTON, June 6 — RIA Novosti, Tatyana Kalmykova. Russia tried to interfere in the elections in Montenegro to prevent its entry into NATO. This was stated by the assistant Secretary of the USA John Heffern. According to him, Russia has used “all available resources to subvert elections in Montenegro”. “I believe the explicit aim of this campaign was to change the motion of Montenegro’s accession to NATO,” he said, speaking at a conference in Washington. The spokesman also again accused Moscow of attempting to arrange a coup in Montenegro. On Monday, Montenegro officially became a member of NATO. Earlier, foreign Minister of Montenegro, Serjan Germanovich said that Russia “strongly intervened in the internal Affairs” of the Republic of Podgorica plans to join the Alliance. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov called the statements

Poroshenko ordered television channels to broadcast in Ukrainian language 75% of the time

Poroshenko ordered television channels to broadcast in Ukrainian language 75% of the time Petro Poroshenko has signed the law on language quotas on Ukrainian TV. TV channels are obliged 75% of airtime for broadcasting in the Ukrainian language. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a law requiring TV channels not less than 75% of the time “in the intervals from 07:00 to 18:00 and 18:00 to 22:00” to broadcast in the Ukrainian language. About the Ukrainian leader said at a meeting with Ukrainian journalists on their professional holiday, celebrated in Ukraine on June 6. Poroshenko said that the media representatives made proposals on the introduction of quotas and the return of the Ukrainian language in the Ukrainian media. “Here the palm is ready to give you. This is your initiative and suggestions, which I supported. The deputies have worked, and I had great pleasure and great honor to sign

The coalition air force launched air strikes on Pro-government forces in Syria

The coalition air force launched air strikes on Pro-government forces in Syria The statement of the headquarters of the operation Inherent Resolve indicates that Syrian forces entered the approved area of de-escalation. WASHINGTON, June 6. /Offset. TASS Boris Makarov/. Air force’s international anti-terrorist coalition attacked Pro-government forces of Syria within the designated zone of de-escalation in the South. This is stated in a statement released by the headquarters of the operation Inherent Resolve (“resoluteness”), which is held in Iraq and Syria group of countries headed by the USA. “Despite the warnings, tanks, artillery, air defense and other military equipment Pro-government forces, and around 60 soldiers entered in the approved area of de-escalation, threatening the coalition forces and its partners who are based At-TANF”, — the document says. According to headquarters, the coalition “issued a few warnings by means of conflict prevention, and then destroyed two artillery pieces, air defense, and