David Cameron bought the barn for $32 million and intends to write his memoirs

David Cameron bought the barn for $32 million and intends to write his memoirs

Former Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron bought a designer garden shed in which he, in his own words, plans to write his memoirs.

The barn, which cost Cameron 25 thousand pounds (about 32 thousand dollars) has already been installed in the garden of his house.

According to the former Prime Minister, for the design of the barn which has a wood burning stove and a sofa, replied his wife Samantha.

Garden shed insulated with material made of sheep wool.

David Cameron buys £25,000 garden shed ‘to write in’ https://t.co/TtKjoeJBFz

— BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) April 30, 2017

From behind the barn already started a quarrel, joked Cameron.

“My children want to adapt a shed for a children’s Playhouse, he said. I want to use it as room for writing the book, and my son wants to do his bedroom.”

“When we just had it delivered, we were all entertained: who will spend the first night?” — said the former Prime Minister.

According to Cameron, his son won the battle.

David Cameron spends £25k on designer garden shed. https://t.co/12uUGmJeBr pic.twitter.com/8wxgxVU11a

— Ben (@Jamin2g) April 30, 2017

The family of Camerons bought this garden shed in Red Sky Shepherds Huts. A similar shed is and mother-in-law of the former Prime Minister.

“Samantha takes all of the design decisions in our family. As always, she made an excellent choice,” said Cameron, praising his wife.

As reported, last year, David Cameron has signed a contract to write his autobiography.

It is expected that the book will be released next year.