Trump has produced the largest increase in the military budget since the Reagan administration

The President of the United States Donald trump is planning the largest increase in the military budget since the 40 th President Ronald Reagan, Vice-President Michael Penny, passes on Saturday, April 29, RIA Novosti.

Pence called the increase in investment in military industry in the US is long overdue. In his speech he emphasized that with the adoption of the new budget will be restored the military power of the U.S. “Arsenal of democracy”. The Vice President expressed confidence that “in a time of growing threats around the world,” the us Congress will support trump.

“Trump is now and forever made ensuring America’s security a top priority,” said Pence.

His speech the Vice President said at the shipyard in Newport new on the eve of the 100 days of the new administration.

According to the Stockholm international Institute of peace studies, in 2016, the increase in military spending the U.S. has become the largest in the last five years and amounted to 611 billion dollars, or 1.7 percent. The results of a study published on the website of the Institute, also concluded that the planetary military spending is growing for the second consecutive year.