In the Moscow metro announced about the air alarm

In the Moscow metro on Friday morning, April 28, at several stations came the announcement of air RAID. About it “” the eyewitness reported.

According to him, being on the escalator at the station “Oktyabrskaya”, he heard the announcement follows: “Attention! Air alert! Escalators work only on the descent! Do subway workers!”.

About a similar incident at the station “Paveletskaya” he told the radio station Business FM.

In a press-service of the metro, in comments to radio station “Moscow speaking” at first denied this information. Later they said what happened short-term technical failure.

“There is a problem immediately eliminated. The escalators were all working and the output and input of the staff. Work underground in this moment was also conducted regular”, — said the Agency RIA Novosti the representative of the subway. It is noted that the crashing lasted for about five minutes.

April 3 at the station “Savelovskaya” evacuated the subway train because it left a suspicious backpack. Passengers brought, the composition is stripped to a standstill. Operational service checked the object, the explosion did not happen.