Marine Le Pen chose a candidate for Prime Minister

Nicolas DuPont-Aignan and marine Le Pen

The party “national front” and “stand Up, France” decided to form pre-election Alliance. About it as transfers TASS, at a joint press conference on Saturday, April 29, announced their leaders marine Le Pen and Nicolas DuPont-Aignan.

“We are creating a big Republican and Patriotic Alliance. We will jointly defend our governmental program”, — said marine Le Pen.

According to the candidate for the French presidency, in the event of his victory, she “will make DuPont-Aignan Prime Minister of the country.” “In his work he will rely on the presidential majority, acting in the national interest. In the national unity government will include policy, there selected for their competence and love for France,” said Le Pen.

In turn, DuPont-Aignan called the French “carefully consider for whom to vote in the second round, not to get that in the next five years the country will go the same course.” “With the creation of the coalition to us interests of France more important than personal interests,” he said.

On 23 April his candidacy in the first round of the presidential election supported 4.7 percent of voters. He took the sixth place among 11 candidates. In his election program DuPont-Aignan advocated a unilateral withdrawal of France from the sanctions against Russia.

In the first round of the presidential elections in France marine Le Pen scored 21.3 percent of the vote. Its main opponent — the leader of movement “Forward” Emmanuel macron — scored 24,01%. They came out in the second round, scheduled for may 7.

DuPont-Aignan headed the movement “Wake Up, France” in 2008.