The German foreign Minister has rasdisable from Ivanka trump

Ivanka Trump

Foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel criticized the appointment of Ivanka trump assistant to the President of the United States. On Saturday, April 29, writes The Local.

“There are things that seem strange to me, for example, the visit of his [Donald trump’s] daughters in Germany, which were almost considered as a global event, with a mixture of politics, family and business resembles nepotism, and it would be unthinkable here,” said the foreign Minister of Germany in an interview published in the publications of the media group Funke.

Gabriel is referring to the visit Ivanka trump in Berlin this week (she took part in the summit of the “Women’s twenty” (W20) at the invitation of Chancellor Angela Merkel).

“I always worry when family members who never were elected, suddenly become the official representatives of the country and they are treated almost as if they were members of the Royal family,” added the diplomat and the member of the Social democratic party of Germany.

As transfers TASS, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, answering the question right was the decision to invite Ivanka to Berlin, said: “From the point of view of the Chancellor, Yes.” He also expressed surprise at the fact that the arrival of the daughters of the American leader is perceived in Germany as a “social event”.

35-year-old Ivanka Marie trump is an American businesswoman, former model and eldest daughter of billionaire Donald trump, who became President after the elections in November 2016. She is an assistant in the White house, while her husband, businessman Jared Kushner, senior adviser to the leader of the country.