Kosachev possiblenow people of Montenegro after the decision about its accession to NATO

Konstantin Kosachev

The Montenegrin authorities are guided by considerations when deciding on the country’s accession to NATO. This view was expressed by Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev, reports TASS on Friday, April 28.

“We can only commiserate the friendly people of Montenegro, who could not resist his remaining in the past and deciding own short-term objectives of the political leadership”, — said Russian Senator.

According to Kosachev, NATO remained essential functions after the cold war. “The preservation of a military unit forces the Alliance to artificially invent an external threat and to rally under its banner those who, even not believing in the threat, ready obediently to join the ranks of the so-called majority,” — said the head of Committee of the Federation Council.

He also stressed that NATO is not, in fact, minimizes the number of threats in the European territory, but on the contrary, to provoke them. “This Union of generals preparing for the last war already,” — said Kosachev.

As informs TV channel “360”, formerly regret the accession of Montenegro to NATO was expressed by the Russian foreign Ministry. The Ministry said that the current leadership of the country has ignored the will of nearly half of the population, which opposed NATO’s top priority in foreign policy of the country. The foreign Ministry believes that the country’s accession to the Alliance “will drive a wedge in based on deep historical traditions of friendly relations of the Montenegrins with the Serbs and the Russians.”

Earlier Friday it was reported that the Montenegrin Parliament voted for the country’s accession to NATO. In the hall there were 46 MPs out of 81, all present supported the bill on the accession to treaties of Alliance. It was noted that the voting there were no representatives of the parliamentary opposition.