The Indian authorities have tried to ban social media in protests in Kashmir

Indian authorities officially banned access 22 social networking on the territory of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. About it reports The Independent.

As a prohibited got Facebook and Twitter. Thus, the state authorities try to prevent the spread of videos, sowing hostility towards the Indian army and police and calling on the people of Kashmir to insubordination. As stated by the government of Jammu and Kashmir, ban for a month for the sake of public safety as “anti-national and antisocial elements use media for their own purposes”.

Thus, as notes the edition, full lock is not imposed. This is due to technical difficulties: it is impossible to close access to social networks without Internet in Kashmir at all.

The turmoil in Kashmir erupted after local separatists urged people to boycott the elections to the lower house of the Federal Parliament. As a result of clashes between police and protesters killed eight people, hundreds were detained. The elections were in fact disrupted: the site came only seven percent of eligible voters.