Paramedic in Germany was fired for patient pririsoval mustache Hitler

German paramedic was fired after he drew the patient in a coma, a mustache like Adolf Hitler. On Thursday, April 27, reports the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in December last year, but became aware of it only now. According to the newspaper, the medic, Thomas Wagner (Thomas Wagner) blue ballpoint pen pririsoval mustache man, hospitalized with drug overdose. After he sent photos to colleagues in group chat in WhatsApp with the caption “Victim number one. Today: fashion beard”. “Oh, how peacefully he sleeps,” commented one of the friends of Wagner.

In addition, the paramedic loaded the chat in the video, which communicates disrespectful and makes fun of the patient lying across the stretcher in the ambulance. A few days later the man wrote to colleagues that have done wrong and what you must not do so, and later asked to remove submitted materials.

Information about the incident reached the leadership of medical organization “Johanniter” in which Wagner worked. “We have seen photos and videos. After that, we immediately fired him,” he told the Daily Mail the head of the institution Oliver Pietsch (Oliver Pitsch).

It is also reported that the management of “Johanniter” plans to file a formal complaint against Wagner. Allegedly, the man is not able to take responsibility and properly care for the sick.