Planning to attack German soldiers pretended to be Syrian refugees

In Bavaria, on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack detained soldiers of the Bundeswehr, posing as a Syrian refugee. On Thursday, April 27, reports Die Welt.

In January of this year, 28-year-old soldier hid the gun in the toilet of the airport of Vienna. The weapon was found by the staff of local law enforcement. They set up surveillance, waiting for him to come.

The soldier returned after a month. Austrian police detained a man and setting his personality, gave information to German colleagues. The military released.

In Germany, found that in 2015 the man, who called himself a Syrian migrant, appealed to the migration authorities of Bavaria with a petition to grant him asylum. He hid that he has a German citizenship, and finally his request was granted.

He is said to have provided shelter and has appointed a welfare. As noted by Die Zeit, the interview did not pay attention to the fact that he did not know Arabic, answering questions in French.

The man had previously come to the attention of law enforcement because of their nationalist views. In office of public Prosecutor do not exclude that he could act in accordance with xenophobic beliefs, said “bi-Bi-si”.

According to one version, he was going to attack and throw the gun at the crime scene. The analysis of fingerprints on the gun would convince the investigation that the attack is the handiwork of Syrian refugee.

As told in Prosecutor’s office, the man was planning “a serious crime that threatens national security.”