PACE prepare the impeachment of the head Assembly

PACE prepare the impeachment of the head Assembly

STRASBOURG, 28 APR — RIA Novosti. The relevant Committee of the PACE has begun work on amendments to the regulations of the Assembly for introduction of procedure of removal of speaker from office, told RIA Novosti Vice-speaker of the Assembly George Legwinski.

“This procedure, which is not changed, the procedure is considered, according to the order, may be accelerated in connection with a problem that exists,” he said, answering the question, what is the procedure for the adoption of amendments to the regulations and when they are adopted.

Ukrainian MP stated that the vote on the question of amending regulations can take place in plenary meeting.

“I think it will be the vote in plenary”, he said.

Answering clarifying question about whether it can pass in the June session, Legwinski answered “Yes”.

He added that PACE is waiting for statements from the Chairman Pedro Agramunt and ready to gather for the sake of it at any time.

The launch of the procedure to develop amendments impeachment was confirmed by the head of the Ukrainian delegation Volodymyr Ariev.

MEPs demanded a vote of no confidence Agramunt on Monday at the opening of the Assembly.

The reason was the discontent of deputies visit of the PACE President to Syria. Agramunt himself called it a mistake

On Tuesday in the Assembly parliamentary hearings were held, where the PACE President was asked questions about his trip. In his speech he said that he will make a statement on his status on Friday. After that he left the PACE and no longer appeared at meetings of the Assembly.