UN chief urged to maintain contacts with North Korea

Antonio Guterres

You must keep the channels of communication with North Korea to avoid escalation of the situation in relations with Pyongyang. This was stated by UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, his words are reports Reuters.

“Lack of communication channels with North Korea is very dangerous. We must avoid misunderstanding. You need to act now to achieve a stable peace,” — said the Secretary General.

Earlier on 28 April about the possibility of a serious conflict with the DPRK, said the President of the United States Donald trump. “We would have solved all through diplomacy, but it is extremely difficult,” — said the American leader. According to him, Chinese President XI Jinping is doing everything possible to resolve the Korean crisis, however, “it is possible that it is simply unreal”.

Earlier it was reported that the US is ready to launch a preemptive strike on military targets of the DPRK, if Pyongyang decides for another nuclear test. North Korea has declared that in case of aggression against it will carry out a pre-emptive strike. Later sources reported that Washington currently does not intend to use military force against Pyongyang, and will focus on providing diplomatic and sanctions pressure.