Monument to Ivan the terrible disappeared from the place of installation in Aleksandrov

Monument to Ivan the terrible, whose opening was to be held in Aleksandrov, Vladimir oblast, on 29 April, was taken from the installation site, while its author is the sculptor Vasily Selivanov went to lunch. About it reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Vladimir”.

According to Selivanova, he came to Alexandria to “try on” monument to the pedestal, which is already installed. “We checked whether it turned out, and decided to temporarily put the king on it to opening day everything went as it should and there was an emergency. Then we went out to lunch, leaving the sculpture in place. Came back — he was gone!” he said. The sculptor wrote a statement about the disappearance of the monument to the Prosecutor.

According to the publication, witnesses of the incident believe that the monument was stolen. The authorities claim that Ivan the terrible took with their permission, because its opening was moved to the summer. Authorities say they took the monument on the territory of municipal enterprise “Gorstroyzakazchik”, where he is under heavy guard. At the same Selivanov said that he was never informed about the postponement of the installation at a later date.

Monument in Aleksandrov was going to put to the Day of national unity on 4 November 2016. According to the initiator of its creation, President of the Foundation cultural heritage preservation “Russian Vityaz” Dmitry Lysenkov, the money collected through donations. The cost of the monument amounted to five million rubles.

In October 2016 in Orel opened the first in Russia monument to Ivan the terrible. It was installed on the waterfront at the confluence of the rivers Oka and Orlik.