Matviyenko said the failed attempt by the West to isolate Russia

Valentina Matvienko

In the conditions of aggravation of the international situation, the parliamentary diplomacy has become one of the most important tools of Russia’s foreign policy, said the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko in his blog. Post dedicated to the Day of Russian parliamentarism, published on the website of the Federation Council Thursday, April 27.

“A large-scale attack of the West on Russia for its political exclusion, inspiring a “color revolution” failed,” Matviyenko wrote.

Country, according to her, has not only survived, but also strengthened their influence in the international arena. “In the world there is a growing understanding that none of any important question of world politics cannot be solved without participation of Russia”, — said the Senator.

Speaking about the priorities of foreign policy activity of the Russian Parliament, the speaker noted that in the foreground is the fight against terrorism, settlement of conflicts in Ukraine and Syria.

March 20, a group of Russian parliamentarians visited Syria. The delegation included deputies from all four Duma factions. Before that the state Duma deputies paid a visit to Syria in early February. During the trip they met with President Bashar al-Assad and the Chairman of the Parliament All Abbas.