Trump made the disbanding of the court for blocking anti-immigrant ordinances

Donald Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump is considering the possibility of disbanding the court of Appeals for the ninth circuit in San Francisco. He stated this in an interview with the Washington Exampel.

Judges of the Ninth circuit court had previously blocked two of the Executive decree trump, restricting entry to the United States from countries with a predominantly Muslim population. The us President said that “many people would like to disband the” court.

“I consider such proposals,” — said trump asked.

Trump believes that the language of his decrees is clear “even the freshmen,” but not the judges, who “didn’t even pay attention to it.” As a result, according to the President of the United States, in the country there are people who are “allowed to commit crimes”. So trump has commented on the decision of judge William Orrice, which on April 25 has blocked the disposal of the President to suspend the allocation of Federal funds to so-called “cities of refuge”.

Power of these cities are loyal to illegal immigrants. Trump called the cities, which include new York, Los Angeles and Chicago, “a very dangerous and very bad”.

A second decree to toughen immigration policy was signed by Donald trump on March 6. The decree had 90 days to deny entry to USA citizens of Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and the Sudan and to suspend the program of reception of refugees in 120 days. The document was blocked by a court decision in Hawaii.

The first anti-immigrant Ordinance trump signed on January 27. The order of the President caused a wave of protests in the United States and later the decree was blocked by a judge of the court of Appeals for the ninth circuit in San Francisco.