The media learned about the expansion of President of the United States of the powers of the Pentagon

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump has allowed Pentagon officials to “reset limit” the number of American troops in Iraq and Syria, said on Wednesday, 26 April, Reuters, citing its sources.

The Pentagon confirmed the information, but stressed that the number of troops consistently. As stated in the defense Ministry, the US strategy eliminates the need to increase military presence, as it is aimed to support “local forces” in the fight against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

The Agency concludes that the solution to trump significantly expand the powers of the Pentagon, and frees him from “confusing” the system limitations. The result is a real number of US troops in the region may be hidden, and will use the White house.

Control system Force Management Level system was introduced in Iraq and Syria, with the Obama administration. The previous American President periodically increased available limits the number of troops as the development of campaigns in Syria and Iraq. Now, according to official figures, in Iraq us troops stationed 5262, and Syria — 503. However, as noted, in reality these figures may be higher by several thousands.

In February 2017, the commander of us forces in Afghanistan General John Nicholson demanded that Congress strengthen a few thousand man contingent deployed in Afghanistan. Currently in Afghanistan there are about 8.5 thousand American military.