Putin praised the project ships with an underwater wing between Sochi and Yalta


RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin considers it an interesting project to launch ships with an underwater wing between Sochi and Yalta.

During the meeting with the President, the General Director of shipbuilding plant “Vympel” has told about activity of the enterprise, including touched the project to run between Yalta and Sochi of the ship on underwater wings.

“Your offer is not the only several enterprises in different regions in the country offer this project. The Ministry of transport and Ministry of industry have the opportunity to spend quasicommercial or tender procedure and to select the best offer. But the offer I really like,” said Putin at a meeting with representatives of business circles of the Yaroslavl region.

As Putin said, the plan can be implemented with some support from the state in the form of incentives for leasing.

He noted that the route Sochi-Yalta complex from the point of view of weather conditions, since this type of transportation is dangerous to use in a strong wind, but these ships can be used on other routes on the Caucasian coast or in the Crimea. Putin said that this form of transport should be developed, it will be in demand.