The court in absentia arrested the former Deputy of the state Duma Mikheeva


RIA Novosti

The Soviet district court of Volgograd has passed the decision on arrest of the former Deputy of the state Duma from party “Fair Russia” Oleg Mikheyev, informs a portal “news of Volgograd”.

After making this decision, the court granted the petition of the injured party, which was supported by the state Prosecutor.

Judge Natalia Barkova reported the illness of defender Alexander Mikheev Chekunova and decided to consider the case in the absence of the defendant and his lawyer.

The court also decided to declare Mikheeva wanted.

To ensure the presence of ex-Deputy at the meeting, the court returned the case to the Prosecutor of the Volgograd region.

The criminal case against Mikheeva with the approved indictment was sent to court in December 2016. Ex-Deputy accused of attempted fraud. The investigation alleges that in 2007, said the sale belonging to him the shares of Volgoprombank decided to take control of funds of the credit institution. To do this, Mikheev issued bogus contracts, under which he undertook to repay the loan to the controlled entities before Volgoprombank more than 1.45 billion, according to the investigation. Volgoprombank acted as a guarantor for the obligations of these legal entities, and the terms of contracts actually were executed, turned out the police. After the annexation of Volgoprombank to promsvjazbanka, in 2011 the presentation was directed to court the claim about collecting with PSB as the successor of Volgoprombank 2.1 billion rubles, but lost the case.