Mizulina was reproached by colleagues in the trust to be registered as a foreign agent

Elena Mizulina

The Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Elena Mizulina stated that she was unjustly accused of anti-state activities. About this newspaper “Kommersant” on Wednesday, April 26.

The cause of the disturbance Mizulina was the development of a code of conduct of a member of the Federation Council. “A letter from the Committee on rules left and right written on the basis of the analysis of my statement code of ethics member of SF designed,” she explained.

Mizulina believes that “the continuation of a deliberate, organized campaign” by her “discredit as a Senator and as a political figure”. She also stated that this involved high-ranking officials of the upper house of Parliament.

The MP stressed that the Russian branch of transparency international (TI, international non-governmental organization combating corruption — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), after a complaint which was developed by the code, recognized as a foreign agent. “It is a pity that the SF trust registered as a foreign agent more than those Russian citizens who defend the interests of Russia,” she said.

April 26 on the website of TI was reported, that the Committee on rules of the Federation Council has developed a draft code of ethics. In it, in particular, says that senators should be respectful to the media, avoid profane, defamatory, or discriminatory statements. First Deputy Chairman of the Committee Svetlana Goryacheva, according to “Kommersant”, denied this information.

29 Mar Mizulina opposed to in Russian schools the lessons of patriotism were studied in the fight against corruption. The next day TI appealed to the leadership of the Federation Council with a call to develop a code of ethics of senators.

Autonomous nonprofit organization “Transperensi Interneshnl — Russia” was included by the Ministry of justice in the registered as foreign agents from April 2015.