Humanity is on the verge of discovering extraterrestrial life, said NASA

Humanity is on the verge of discovering extraterrestrial life, said NASA

WASHINGTON, April 26 — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. NASA considers it quite possible that humanity is already on the verge of discovering extraterrestrial life, said at the hearings in Congress, the assistant Director of NASA Thomas Zurbuchen.

“With such a wide range of activities in so many Sciences related to the search for life, we are on the verge of one of the most fundamental discoveries in history,” said Zurbuchen.

He mentioned some achievements of NASA recently, including the opening of the seven Earth-like planets in star TRAPPIST-1 in the constellation of Aquarius. In his words, “billions of planets await discovery in our Galaxy alone”.

Zurbuchen also reminded of the opening of the probe “Cassini” evidence that under-ice oceans on Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moon Enceladus may contain hydrogen.

Although we have not found clear traces of life in other places, our researchers are making remarkable progress, and astrobiologists are involved in an increasing number of missions, Nacatamal Turbocompound Director of NASA

According to him, NASA is actively supporting research aimed at understanding how life appeared and developed on Earth, what conditions make areas of the Universe are able to develop life and what is the potential distribution of these worlds beyond Earth.

“We need a convergence of a number of science — biology, theology, astronomy, planetary science division, Earth Sciences and many other”, — said Zurbuchen.

He thanked the hearing Committee on science of the house of representatives for what tasks astrobiology involved in the search for extraterrestrial life, is now officially prescribed in the budget of NASA as a priority.