In London near the British Parliament arrested an armed man

London police announced the arrest of armed men near the building of the British Parliament. On Thursday, April 27, the Associated Press reported in his Twitter.

The Associated Press (@AP)
April 27, 2017, 13:56

Law enforcement officers noted that as a result of incident nobody has suffered. According to RIA Novosti, at the scene of the incident discovered two knives.

CBS News (@CBSNews)
27 April 2017, 14:00

It is reported that on April 27, the last session of Parliament before the early elections scheduled for 8 June this year.

According to the Agency, after the terrorist attack in the British capital, which occurred March 22 near the Parliament building strengthened security measures.

Then a native of South-East England Adrian Russell Ago, changed his name to Khalid Masud, while driving the car, pointed it at pedestrians on Westminster bridge, knocked down several people and drove to the Parliament building. There car was stopped by police. The offender stabbed him with a knife, then was shot by another guard. The victims were five people, dozens of people were injured.