In the Macedonian Parliament stormed by protesters after the election of the speaker of the Albanian

In the Macedonian Parliament stormed by protesters, the fight was injured, the leader of the social Democrats, Zoran Zaev. About it reports Reuters.

The conflict erupted after the social Democrats and the party representing the interests of ethnic Albanians voted for the election of the Albanian Talat Haveri the speaker of Parliament. This decision caused the indignation of the nationalists.

Jaferi became the first ethnic Albanian on the post of the speaker of the Parliament of Macedonia after the Balkan country gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.

The coalition of social Democrats and two parties representing ethnic Albanians, triggered daily street protests in Skopje. Ethnic Albanians make up a third of the population of Macedonia.

Elections were held in December 2016, but the government is not yet formed, although Zaev was created in Parliament a majority coalition with the Albanians.