The white house announced the proposals trump on tax reform

The white house announced the proposals trump on tax reform

In the previously announced reform of the U.S. tax system Donald trump offered to reduce the top rate of corporate tax to 15%. About it reports Reuters referring to the statement of the representative of the White house.

Their profit is made as the personal income of the partners or owners of a legal entity. This allows you to avoid double taxation when income distribution between the shareholders of the company.

In addition, according to the proposals of trump, multinational companies will have to pay tax on profits earned abroad at the rate of 10% instead of 35%.

The night before in Washington held a debate on proposed reforms between the representatives of the administration, among whom was the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin and representatives of Congress. After the publication of the plan of tax reform, it must be approved in the Senate and in the house of representatives.

According to the Agency, in the reform of the trump, most likely, will not be provided for any increase other taxes to compensate for lost with similar measures of income of the state. This will mean that losses of the budget will become part of the debt of the United States.

Earlier, on April 23, the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin said that in the first stage the tax reform could lead to some increase in the U.S. budget deficit. However, in the opinion of the Minister, he kompensiruet the overall growth of the U.S. economy.