Rospotrebnadzor warned about a measles outbreak in Europe

The Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare reported a measles outbreak in 14 countries of Europe from the beginning of 2017. For the period to doctors have addressed more than four thousand patients in Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Iceland, Spain and Switzerland.

Most patients registered in Romania and Italy, it was reported about the deaths. There are also cases of transmission to medical staff.

Experts suggest that the spread of measles was made possible because of the reduction in the number of vaccinated population in Europe, and the lack of restrictive measures in the regions, from-for what disease were able to escape.

The CPS drew the attention of compatriots to the current situation and asks to consider this factor when planning trips.

Measles is a highly contagious viral disease transmitted by airborne droplets. It is characterized by high fever, inflammation of the mucous membranes and typical skin rash. Measles suffer mostly children under the age of two to five years, grownups endure sickness heavier children.

14 APR CPS reported epidemic of hepatitis A in 13 European countries. The highest number of cases of the disease observed among men with different sexual orientation.